Businesses under $10,000

What types of business can I buy for less than $10,000?
Some examples of businesses that can be started for under $10,000 include vending machine and vending massage chair businesses, online travel businesses, home service businesses, pet service businesses, printer cartridge businesses, and various types of kiosks.

Advantages of starting a business under $10,000
One benefit of starting one of these businesses for under $10,000 is that they are typically franchises that include detailed training and ongoing support.

Operational costs are usually low for these business opportunities as well. Many of these businesses can be operated from home without overhead expense. Therefore rent and utilities are not part of the equation.

Additionally, with several of these lower cost businesses, franchise fees are not charged. Also, supplies may be offered at a decent discount in order to keep ongoing costs low.

Further, many of these types of businesses can be operated on a part-time or full-time schedule. This affords the entrepreneur quite a bit of flexibility. They have the option of starting one of these businesses part-time while still working at another company or operating one of these franchises while attending school.

Overall, entrepreneurs should be able to enjoy ample profits with the low startup investment of $10,000 or under. However, homework should be done ahead of time to determine the reputation of the company under consideration. Also, it is important for the potential new business owner to find a business that he or she will be comfortable running.

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